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Boxing Coaching Kensington



Boxing Coaching


Welcome to the domain of Luke Kelly Personal Training, your personal haven for mastering the art and finesse of boxing. As a seasoned amateur boxer and a profound coach in Kensington, I am committed to providing the premier boxing coaching services you need to achieve your ambitions, whether you’re a budding amateur or an accomplished white-collar fighter.


I invite you to contact me today to begin your journey to success. Let’s achieve your goals together with a coaching plan that’s tailored specifically to your needs.

Tailored Training for All Levels


Regardless of your current level of expertise, my boxing coaching services are perfectly calibrated to your requirements. From those dipping their gloves into the world of boxing for the first time to seasoned fighters wanting to refine their prowess, every training plan is tailored to your individual abilities and objectives.


As your personal coach, I will impart the tactics and techniques that have honed my journey as a boxer and helped numerous others ascend in their boxing career. My coaching is comprehensive, encapsulating every facet of the sport.


From enhancing your fitness and coordination to the thrill of stepping inside the ring, each stage of your progression is carefully nurtured.

With a firm focus on functional training, my services are aimed at equipping you with the requisite strength, stamina and agility you need to shine in the ring. The strategies are fluid, adapting to your goals and moulding you into a boxer ready to conquer any challenge that awaits you in the ring.


Luke Kelly Personal Training prides itself on offering a myriad of flexible training solutions. Whether you thrive in personalised one-on-one sessions, enjoy the camaraderie of group classes or prefer the convenience of online coaching, I cater to your preferred style. Your journey to greatness is just a phone call away.


Dynamic and Flexible Training Plans

Your Boxing Journey Begins Here

Embark on an unforgettable boxing journey, a path illuminated by experience and insight. Reach out today at 07990 811 355, and let’s chart out your roadmap to boxing success with the finest Boxing Coaching in Kensington.

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