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Strength Coach Kensington



Strength Coach Kensington


I’m Luke Kelly, your dedicated strength coach proudly serving Kensington. If you’re ready to get started on your fitness journey, I’m pleased to play a pivotal role in your personal transformation. With my expertise and knowledge, together we can create a plan that caters to your strength-building goals.

Why Choose Luke Kelly Personal Training?


Over the years, Luke Kelly Personal Training has grown into a beacon of hope for those striving for fitness and vitality. We provide top-quality service to a range of clientele, from athletes aiming to improve their performance to individuals seeking a healthier lifestyle. With us, you’re not just another client; you’re part of our fitness family, and we’re passionate about helping you reach your goals.


Your Goals, Our Mission


Whether it’s to lose weight, build muscle mass, or improve your athletic performance, I’m here to design a custom programme to meet your unique needs. But it’s not just about the physical transformation. I believe in fostering an atmosphere that stimulates mental strength, encouraging you to tap into your potential and push past your perceived limits.


Expert Guidance and Unyielding Support


As your strength coach, my role goes beyond creating exercise routines. I’m here to provide guidance, support, and motivation. Together, we’ll tackle your challenges head-on, turning your weaknesses into strengths. With each step, you’ll see a remarkable transformation not just in your body but also in your mind-set.


Strength Training: Your Gateway to a Healthy Life


Strength training offers myriad benefits. It boosts metabolism, aids weight loss, and enhances your daily functionality. It’s also a powerful tool for injury prevention, fortifying your muscles and joints against the wear and tear of everyday life. In addition to the physical benefits, strength training has a positive impact on mental health, reducing anxiety and enhancing mood.


Where to Find Us


You’re welcome to join us at our locations in Acton, Shepherds Bush, and Wimbledon. Our main studio, Revival Personal Training Studio, is conveniently located at Arch 79 Albion Mews, London W6 0JN, near the Holiday Inn Express in Hammersmith.


We’re open from Monday to Saturday, 6:00am to 8:00pm. To book a free consultation, call me on 07990 811 355 or fill out the form on our website.


At Luke Kelly Personal Training, we’re committed to helping you embark on a transformative fitness journey. It’s time to unleash your potential and live a life of vitality and strength.

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