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Boxing Coaching Fulham



Boxing Coaching Fulham


Embrace the empowering world of boxing and step into your personal fitness journey with Luke Kelly Personal Training. We hold a firm belief that personal training is a transformative journey, not merely a service. It’s your goals and aspirations that form the cornerstone of this journey, and we use those to craft a programme that develops your strengths.

Tailoring Your Personal Training Experience

Tailoring Your Personal Training Experience


Before we step into the ring, we sit down with you to discuss your objectives and what you hope to achieve through our boxing coaching sessions. With a thorough body assessment during your inaugural session, we gauge your current fitness level, exploring diverse movements and exercises.


Using these insights, we craft a personalised program, tailor-made to align with your fitness goals and capabilities. This program isn’t confined to our Fulham gym – we also extend routines that you can practice independently at home or your preferred gym.


Nutrition: The Unsung Hero of Fitness


Furthermore, we know that diet plays an instrumental role in any fitness journey. We’re here to lend a hand, offering food programs and even accompanying you to supermarkets to educate you about the value of healthy foods.

Introducing Luke Kelly


Luke Kelly, a former amateur boxer from a renowned London boxing club, is the driving force behind our boxing coaching services. Suitable for all, whether you’re interested in amateur boxing or white-collar boxing, Luke’s expert guidance and proven techniques form the backbone of your learning process.

Strength and Conditioning: Your Armour for Fitness


In addition to boxing coaching, strength and conditioning training forms a vital part of our personal training sessions. It’s a versatile tool, aiding in everything from weight loss to preparing for a boxing match to post-childbirth recovery. It’s like donning a suit of armour, preparing you to face any fitness challenge head-on.




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Luke Kelly Private Personal Training studio 

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Luke Kelly Personal Training 

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Take the Leap with Luke Kelly Personal Training


At Luke Kelly Personal Training, we ensure a safe and fun environment for all our clients. We’re ready to help you become the fittest version of yourself. Get started on your fitness journey today! Contact us on 07990 811 355 to book your personalised boxing coaching session in Fulham.

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