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Personal Trainer Shepherds Bush



Personal Trainer Shepherds Bush


Luke Kelly Personal Training, esteemed across Shepherds Bush for its unparalleled services, is your ultimate fitness companion. Luke, an expert personal trainer, has reshaped countless lives by crafting unique training regimes tailored to individual needs and aspirations. Get started on your own personal improvement journey today.

Intensive Body Evaluation


Your fitness journey with Luke Kelly begins with an in-depth body analysis. This vital first encounter enables Luke to comprehend your current physical status and proficiency. Additionally, it can spark discussions around new potential goals that may have previously eluded your consideration.


Tailored Training Programs


At Luke Kelly Personal Training, we believe every fitness journey is unique. Thus, the results of your thorough body assessment inform the development of a bespoke program designed specifically for you. These personalised routines can be performed under Luke’s expert guidance in the gym or independently at home, giving you the flexibility you need.


Nutrition Guidance and Support


Good nutrition is crucial for reaching your fitness targets. Luke is more than willing to accompany you beyond the gym, providing food plans and insightful supermarket tours to help you make healthier choices.


Boxing Coaching for All Levels


Luke’s portfolio extends to his seasoned past as an amateur boxer for a prominent London boxing club. Using this expertise, he offers a profound understanding of boxing’s technicalities, making his coaching an excellent choice for those seeking to improve their fitness and coordination or delve into this age-old combat sport.

Strength and Conditioning for All Goals


Luke Kelly Personal Training incorporates strength and conditioning into all personal training sessions, recognising its role in meeting diverse fitness goals. From weight loss to boxing match preparation to postpartum recovery, our training enhances your mobility, stability, strength, endurance, power, speed, agility and performance. It’s like donning your body with the armour of resilience.


Begin Your Wellness Journey Today

It’s time to step towards a healthier, more fulfilled version of yourself. Embark on this transformative journey with us at Luke Kelly Personal Training. To book a consultation or learn more, call us on 07990 811 355. You’re only one call away from redefining your fitness story.

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