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About Me

Hi I'm Luke Kelly, born and raised in south London but have worked in west London as a personal trainer since 2017. 


In that time I've worked at different gyms and worked with countless amounts of people helping them achieve there goals. 

I've personally been training since I was 13 years old. I started the usual way with body building, then since then I have transitioned to more functional training with a bit of a mixture of everything. 


A big part in my history of training has to be dedicated to boxing. which I did religiously every other day for 3 years. what this really taught me apart from boxing is what hard work really is and more so what its like to train at the highest level and maintain it.


Me as a Trainer?

I'm quite a relaxed trainer, of course results are the main priority but I don't need to be Mr motivator to get the most out of you. I always make sure we get everything done that's planned for that session and I will always be honest about training and how I think your getting on.     


 I would like to think while training with me you'll start to see exercise in a new way. a way where its sustainable and some what enjoyable.   

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