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Strength Coach Earl’s Court



Strength Coach Earl’s Court


Hello, I’m Luke Kelly, your dedicated strength coach based in Earl’s Court. Let’s navigate this extraordinary journey towards a stronger, healthier version of yourself together. Book your coaching session today to get started.

Transforming Strength into Power


Strength isn’t just about lifting the heaviest weights or breaking personal records; it’s about transforming your body, enhancing your physical performance, and redefining the limits of your potential. As your personal trainer, I aim to foster a balanced, stable physique that optimises your endurance, flexibility, and power.


Injury Prevention and Conditioning


Injuries are an unwelcome visitor on any fitness journey. They sneak in through muscle imbalances and joint weaknesses, often brought on by sports activities. As your strength coach, my job is to help you fortify your physical foundation, shielding you from injuries before they occur. Conditioning is a crucial element of this, and together, we’ll strike a perfect balance between heart rate, repetitions, and resistance.


Strength Coach vs Personal Trainer: The Difference


It’s common to wonder about the difference between a personal trainer and a strength coach. A personal trainer prescribes and instructs exercise, focusing on general fitness. On the other hand, a strength coach like myself is a physical performance specialist, utilising strategic exercise programs to enhance athletic performance and life-long mobility skills.


Your Goals, Your Journey


Whether you’re looking to lose weight, increase your metabolism, improve daily functional ability, or aim for sport-specific improvements, our team at Luke Kelly Personal Training are here to serve. We’ll assess your unique needs, abilities, and lifestyle, devising a personalised programme that aligns with your expectations.

Accessible Training for All


Our central studio, Revival Personal Training Studio, located at Arch 79 Albion Mews, London W6 0JN, near the Holiday Inn Express in Hammersmith, operates Monday to Saturday from 6:00am to 8:00pm. Additionally, we have locations in Acton, Shepherds Bush, and Wimbledon.


Get Started Today


Begin your journey with Luke Kelly Personal Training today, where quality service and customer satisfaction are our priorities. To book a free consultation, call us on 07990 811 355, or use the contact form on our website.

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